Hanna Roses Limited is committed to our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are aware that no business entity can operate in a vacuum. We are focused on doing business that is environmentally conscious and of repute, while giving back to society through a focus on tree planting through our model nurseries.

Conservation of the Environment.

Hanna Roses Limited endeavors to continuously take steps to conserve the environment and prevent or reduce any form of degradation. It is for this reason we are establishing a Model Tree Nursery at the farm, to propagate tree seedlings towards the a forestation of road and rail reserves in Kenya through counties. Through our Model Nurseries we will also be teaching school children and youth groups on how to establish a nursery and best practice tree planting methods.

Reduce Wastage of water and energy.

Hanna Roses Limited has adopted good agricultural practices that have led to water conservation measures; as well as controlling on usage of electricity to avoid any wastage on the farm through daily operations.

Light and noise Management Plan.

Management team will ensure that effective provision of light is made for securing and maintenance of sufficient and suitable lighting whether natural or artificial in every part of its work place in which persons are working or passing.

will provide methodology for analyzing exposure to noise associated with farm compatibility between the farm and surrounding communities.

Responsible Environmental Practices.

The Board of directors and staff of Hanna Roses Limited are committed to protect the environment by disposing waste in an environmental friendly manner, planting indigenous and exotic trees, preserving natural habitats like swamps, marsh, following designated buffer zones between river, roads and the farm.